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Why Smartphone Filmmaking?

filming with cell phone filming with phone learn smartphohne filmmaking mobile filmmaking phone video course smartphone filmmaking pro video for social media Jan 16, 2022

Why should you consider learning how to film some good looking videos with your smartphone?

In case you think that filming with a smartphone is not the right thing for you because you just don't care about all the technical things and you don't want to dive deep into learning all those basics, then I still think that you should keep on reading this blog post. I like to see things a little different than most people, and also when it comes to filming with your smartphone I would not look at it from a filmmaking perspective, but rather from a capturing the moments perspective.

For some it might be a holiday with their loved ones for others it might be a sport or a hobby with their friends and for others it might also be some business thing they want to capture.

So what I want to say with that is that it's not about the technical aspects of filmmaking and it's not about filmmaking itself, it's about capturing the moments. And now you might also be thinking like OK capturing the moment that makes sense remembering those moments with our friends and family and so on but why would I not just use a professional camera for that why would I not buy one and learn how to use that instead of my phone.

The answer to that question is pretty simple, first of all it's way more complicated to get some good results with a professional camera and secondly a professional camera is a big thing that you always have to carry with you and I can tell you from an experience and also from being a professional filmmaker myself you just do not want to carry a big bulky camera with you wherever you go. Just imagine one thing: you are on a family vacation with your friends and family and you are lying on the beach, the weather is awesome and the kids are playing and you want to film them. Would you want to go to your room pack up your gear and come back to the beach and then maybe ruin your expensive camera, or would you just use the phone that you maybe already have in your hands because you were listening to music anyway.

I think the answer to that is pretty clear and now I think you also get my point why filming with a smartphone is just super easy and the best way to get started. You just always have it with you and the good thing about living in 2022 is that technology has evolved extremely quick, and the smartphones that we have in our pockets can deliver some absolutely stunning footage if you know what you are doing. my team and myself have spent the last two years perfecting everything when it comes to filming with smartphones and we can tell you that smartphones are more than enough to capture some absolutely amazing images.

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